Andelskassen Oikos

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Become a shareholder and co-owner of Andelskassen Oikos

Andelskassen Oikos is owned by shareholders, who have all bought a share of at least 1.000 DKK. Shares are the largest part of Oikos' capital. Oikos would like to channel more money into microfinancing, and the size of the loans to the world’s poor depends on how large our capital is.

Gain influence - and access to inexpensive loans.
When you have bought a share in Oikos, you become co-owner and are entitled to vote at the general assembly, enabling you to influence Oikos' work and politics. Each shareholder has one vote, regardless of the size of the share, so all shareholders have an equal amount of influence. As a shareholder you also have access to inexpensive loans.

It's easy to become a shareholder.
Get in touch with one of our branches. The shares are not included in the law about Federal deposit insurance, and give no interest. Shares are also risk capital.

If you as a shareholder want to dispose of your share, you can either sell it or give it as a present to someone. In accordance with legislation, Oikos cannot cash shares, but if you want to sell your share, Oikos will help you do this.