Andelskassen Oikos

Vesterport 3, 5. · 8000 Århus C tlf. 8668 2333

Nørregade 6, 1. · 1165 København K tlf. 3336 2332

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As a customer at Oikos, you can use a VISA/Dankort free of charge at Danish ATMs and other Danish banks - regardless of the number of transactions.

An account with a VISA/DANKORT costs 108 kroner per year. The first 20 Dankort transactions made in shops every month are free of charge. For every additional transaction, 2 kr. is charged.

Payment on the Internet
You can use your VISA / Dankort as a means of payment on the internet. Remember to use Oikos’ 9860. If you encounter problems with payments over the internet, please contact
the office in Århus or Copenhagen.

Going abroad with your VISA / Dankort

More and more shops in Europe can now read the chip, and allow you to enter your PIN -code. There may still be places, where your VISA cannot be used, and you must use an alternative form of payment
If you experience problems using your VISA/ Dankort abroad, contact us or call PBS International Customer Service at (+45) 44 89 29 29

Is your visa stolen or lost?
If you have lost your VISA/Dankort, be sure to have it blocked as soon as possible. Contact
Andelskassen Oikos or PBS International, which has a 24-hour hotline.                                                                                                                                                    

Andelskassen Oikos: (+45) 86 68 23 33
PBS International: (+45) 44 89 29 29

Keeping your VISA/Dankort safe
You should never keep your VISA/Dankort close to your mobile phone as this may damage the card's microchip.

* Read the rules for the VISA/Dankort (62 KB)

* Read the rules for the Dankort  (55 KB)