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Do you know what your bank uses your money for?

When you put your money in a bank, you are often not told much about how the bank uses your money. Maybe you are indirectly supporting investments in child labor, destruction of forests and the environment, or even the arms industry?

Oikos' vision is to be as transparent as possible. In the section on Micro-credits, the loans are described, and you will also find an overview in the Annual Report. Transparency in lending is based on Oikos' ethical profile which is our trademark in the Danish financial world.

Low fees

Oikos strives to have low bank fees. Our customers have expressed that paying interest and fees to Oikos, feels different comparatively to other institutions, as they know their fees give opportunities for poor people to borrow money.

Personalized service
Personal contact is an essential asset in a small bank. We prioritise unbiased and honest advice highly.