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Pension savings

Oikos Bank offers annuity pension and capital pension. There are many rules on pensions, so it is a good idea to ask for personal advice. 

Annuity pension

If you would like to have your pension paid in equal amounts over a period of years, annuity pension is the choice for you. There are no limits to the amounts you can deposit, so many Danes choose to have both capital and annuity pension savings.

You can create an annuity pension until you turn 60. Payment of pension funds can happen 5 years after the account has been created, starting no earlier than the date on which you are eligible for retirement. Payment must at the latest start the year you turn 75. Payments from annuity pension are taxed as ordinary income. Deposits to your pension are fully tax deductible. Deposits can be placed in stocks. Since 2014 the most you can deposit to annuity savings is DKK 59.500. Contact us for current interest rates.

All financial institutions are secured through the Guarantee fund - read more:  This means that all deposits up to 100,000 euro are guaranteed, to all customers. Additionally, all deposits that by law are pensions or children's savings accounts are secured, no matter the size.