Andelskassen Oikos

Vesterport 3, 5. · 8000 Århus C tlf. 8668 2333

Nørregade 6, 1. · 1165 København K tlf. 3336 2332

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Budget account
Oikos offers a budget account, for payment of the fixed expenses, and we can help you develop a budget.

Savings account
You can open a savings account for next year's vacation or travels.
Contact us to get the interest rate on a savings account.

Oikos special deposit account
(Oikos money).
You can also choose a savings account, where your money is tied for 3 months, and you opt-out of any interest. We call this pool ‘Oikospenge' (Oikos money), and it is used exclusively for micro-finance amongst the world's poor.

The Deposit Guarantee Fund
All financial institutions are secured through the Guarantee fund for depositors and investors. This means that all deposits up to 100.000 euro are secured for all customers. In addition, all deposits that by law are pensions or children's savings accounts are secured, no matter the amount in the account.