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The more fuel efficient the car, and the greater the deposit -
the lower the interest rate
Choose a car loan with Oikos, and you will also ensure that the world’s poor can borrow money on reasonable terms and conditions.
Feel free to send Oikos a draft of your current offer of financing; we can likely match it. Contact us here.
Oikos can offer cheaper car loans than most car dealers, as we have low implementation costs.
Energy efficiency class
Interest rate
Class A car
> 20 %
4,95 %
Class A car
10 – 20 %
5,95 %
Class B - G car
> 20 %
6,95 %
Class B - G car
10 – 20 %
7,95 %
See the nominal annual interest rate and ÅOP
For all types of loans, maturity must be within the first eight years of the car's first registration date.
Costs of establishing the loan: 
Official registration costs
1.5% of the Mortgage Deed’s nominal value,
1400 Kr. for registration, 
900 Kr. fee for the mortgagee declaration
Digital registration
1.000 kr.
Oikos costs
1.5% for implementation costs, however this is set to a min. of 1.000  kr. and a maximum of 5.000 Kr.
 Car loans are granted on the basis of general credit evaluation.